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zomg! [30 Oct 2006|05:48pm]
New account!

For those interested, its nerilamen. It has no layout, avatar, anything at the moment, but probably will eventually.
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[26 Oct 2006|06:27pm]
Ugh. I just had a really crappy english class. If for some reason any of you wind up at Seattle University, for Gods sakes don't take Engel's class.

anyway, I finally finished workin' on ((this)). Its a revision of pics of the wall marie + I did in art. I think, if marie consents, I'm going to turn it into a layout. yay black, pink, and impropriety!

So -

Marie gets credit for many to most of the ideas + images on the board.
Jon gets credit for a few things posted on there.
Tina gets credit for her (not entirely) naked ass, which shows up a few places. ALso, the rest of her body, in disappointing levels of not-naked.
Other people contributed, but I don't remember.

that is all. the praise may commence now.

Heehee...its my new desk top. I hope I dont offend people when they come in and see it.
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[18 Oct 2006|02:13pm]
am i alone in thinking "I bet the trojans wish they had" every time I hear "dont look a gift horse in the mouth"?
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[13 Oct 2006|05:15pm]
Dear Alliance:

Why are you so lame? :( Your king is stupid, your prince is a pansy, and humans die a lot faster than orcs.

*cough* anyway.

I'm never going to class again, ever, because my brother brought me:

Warcraft III
Warcraft III expansion pack
Age of Enpires
Grand Theft Auto
Diablo II
Diablo II Expansion Set
Dungeon Keeper
Evil Genius

However. AoE isnt working. :(

oh well. warcraft!
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[10 Oct 2006|05:57pm]
Now, ((THIS)) is why my mom is cooler than your mom.

Even better is the fact that she most likely found it websurfing at work.
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Is this a joke? [03 Oct 2006|09:28am]
I received an email about some school election thing. ANd nestled in that email, noticed just before i trashed the thing, was:

"Available Positions:

· Freshperson Representative"


dear god.
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Richard reminded me: [30 Sep 2006|08:45pm]
Dear geeks:

I miss you.

At lunch in C st, I lamented that I hadn't asked Jeremy if he games. the following conversation occurred:

Ted: Why'd you want to ask him?
Me: well, all of my friends here aren't geeky, so I want to talk to someone about some PS3 trailer's a friend showed me. They look pretty awesome.
Caitlin: There's a playstation 3?
Ted: there was a second playstation?
Me: *considers throwing self off balcony at which we sit* God I need different friends.
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[28 Sep 2006|06:15pm]
So, my mom sent up some stuff i forgot (or didnt arrive in time for me to take it), and i received it today -

My first care package:

- Shower caddy
- shower flip flops (which, i have discovered, are unnecessary when you have oddly clean bathrooms)
- matress pad
- hello panda
- birth control
- yan yan ("your favorite strawberry-flavored dip")
- yan yan ("your favorite chocolity dip" - which features a tasty choco cream, for those curious)
- a note saying hi.

<3 I just ran out of hello panda that i bought at owajimaya, too...<3 <3
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[24 Sep 2006|11:31am]
Let me just say that yes, I DO realize how incredibly dorky this is:

winamp just changed to track 1337 on my play list -

and it's "Lydia", by FIR.

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[22 Sep 2006|11:58pm]
two things:

1) Piercing my ears at clare's all at once didn't hurt.

However, I (being and idiot) left the posts out for a few hours today.

The repiercing I just did by myself in courtney's dorm (using earrings) was painful as hell. ;_;

2) I am completely addicted to grouphug.us (only go if you're immune to people's sexual messedupness).

And i REALLY want to know the full story behind ((this)).

Seriously. That must be an amazing story.
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Contact Info! [20 Sep 2006|09:42am]
I finally have a phone (not a cell, yet, though i think I might get one), so I figured I might as well post my number and address to ya'll.

Phone is : (206) 220 - 8330;
Mail to:

Lydia Wheeler,
Bellarmine 416
1111 E. Columbia St.
Seattle, WA 98122

Of course, I won't be able to check my mail until tomorrow at the latest, but whatever.
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[19 Sep 2006|08:49pm]
so, i start classes tomorrow.

and i can't log in to my.seattle to find out what class i have tomorrow!!

(i think its western civ. that'll be fun at 8.15)

p.s. seattle is the best.
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[15 Sep 2006|11:28pm]
[ mood | collegey ]

im in seattle. actually, im in courtz's room, not mine. cause thats how i roll.

in a few secs, i'm gunna need to put on pants (ugh!!), but then i'm getting free Ihop, which is cool.

okay, i might have time to get online again on wednesday, but whatev~!

much misses to everyone.

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[10 Sep 2006|07:45pm]
saw hollywoodland. Damn, that boy is cute.

Diane lane ( i think her name was diane lane) was amazing.

however, all together, the movie isn't really worth admission. Having seen it free, i'm not broken up about it, but I'd advise seeing another flick if you're on your own dime.
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[10 Sep 2006|12:40am]
tomorrow be packin' day!!

in other news, i had delicious apple pie today. twice.
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[31 Aug 2006|01:43pm]
auugh so bored.

I'm "working" at the adc.

so everyone should get on AIM and distract me. That way i wont have to work fall asleep.

at least i got yummy mexican food.
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[29 Aug 2006|08:04pm]
so today I read the body of christopher creed.

Why is it that all of my favorite authors (okay, I mean plum ucci and palahniuk, but they are pretty much my favorites) write the same book over and over?

Again, to be fair, this is only the second i've read of plum ucci's, but my copy of the she should be arriving soon, and I think it'll be the same.

That said:

I really liked it. <3 though, perhaps because of claire, it was hard for me to view the voices as authentically male. It was fun, though, and I didnt have to stop reading for a half an hour because I was crying too hard to see, which I view as a plus.

Now to eat a dinner of rice cakes, which I've become obesessed with.
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dreams. oddly enough, signs spoilers. be warned. [29 Aug 2006|08:37am]
I am really, really, really bad at waking up at predetermined times.

Must wake up by 8 tomorrow at the -latest-

on the upside, i had freakin' bizarre dreamsCollapse )

the dream without so may aliens, for which I blame dead rising a tadCollapse )

man. my head is freakin' weird.
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FREE STUFF/STICKIN' IT TO THA MAN! [25 Aug 2006|09:17pm]
I stole this from themscarecrows. I dont know how to do the nifty icon thing that says they're a user.

anyway -

What with the Washington State Supreme Court handing down its anti-gay-marriage decision several weeks ago and the ever-hearing more about attacks on reproductive rights down south, I'm feeling that the States is tripping a bit too merrily down the Handmaid's path.

This week, I found a way to strike back.

Focus on the Family, the horrid anti-gay evangelical church based in Colorado Springs that wields too much power for anyone's good, has a store on their website that will give you books, CDs, and DVDs absolutely free of charge. Usually people pay for their items by donation, raising millions of dollars to help Focus on the Family produce more hate-propaganda featuring "experts" on homosexuality who claim it's a curable "sickness". (They're practically defined by their book A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality. Course, there's no mention of having less kids, which is the only proven method. No, no, you shouldn't use birth control, that would be wrong. They need more worshippers, how dare you prevent god's will.)

It's a little bit time-consuming, but not enough to deter me. (Nor should it you). The chance to take money out of their pockets is too useful, not to mention satisfying.

Here's how to do it in 10 steps:

1. Go to www.family.org and look for the "Resources" link in the blue bar on the left-hand side, right above the "Search" box, and click it.

2. Under the "Resource Category" menu on the left-hand side, you'll notice categories such as "Homosexuality" under "Resource Category." Me, I went straight to the CD's and DVD's under "Resource Format."

3. Go through, find something you like, such as the recently released movie, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe or The Chronicles of Narnia Radio Theatre Complete Set, suggested donation US $79.00, or the three disc Les Misérables soundtrack. It's not a very wide range of products, but there's bound to be something either you like or you could use as a sweet gift for someone else. Click the "Add to Cart" button.

They won't send more than $100 worth of materials for free in any given shopping trip, so be sure to go through a few times, until you're sure you've dinged them.

4. Select "Add New Shipping Address," decide to send it yourself or someone else, and once you're done picking up to $100, click "Proceed to Checkout." Some people have been sending items to themselves to sell later on eBay, some have been ordering the more controversial items as conversation pieces or educational props, (as anti-anti-propaganda), but I plan on using mine as gifts, mostly. I've found no reports on receiving Focus on the Family junk mail after inputting an address, so I figure it's fairly safe.

5. The next screen asks you to sign-up for an account and give your information. Fill it out with fictitious information, enter whatever name and address you like. You might want to make up a phone number too and an e-mail account too. After filling out all the required fields, click "Proceed to Checkout" one more time.

6. This will take you to the "Here is Your Cart" page. You may have to re-enter your data again after this part to actually confirm your account. Eventually, you'll get to the "How Much Would You Like to Donate?" page.

7. Select "Enter other total amount" and enter 0.00 as the amount you would like to pay. (Don't put in a dollar sign or it will ask you for credit-card information.) Don't be fooled by the field in the lower-right-hand corner that shows you the suggested donation amounts, simply Proceed to Checkout.

8. The next screen is a guilt screen, to make you feel bad about how little you donated. ignore it. Ignore it utterly. Think of how many people they're persecuted and had in their "gay kids can be cured" camps. Just proceed to checkout again.

9. Click "Checkout Now."

10. Finally, pass this information on to all your friends. They've got money to back them, we have word of mouth, let's see if we can win.
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[25 Aug 2006|09:10pm]
Chiaki Kuriyama is okay looking, but by no means is she hot enough for Takako. ;.;

In other news, I reread BR today*, and when I arrived home, the movie was waiting on my doorstep. <3 <3!

So now Im gunna watch that instead of sleeping. heehee! *excited*

also - is the battle royale thats set to come out in 2008 like...a remake? cause...I'm already excited.

*Just as in the past few times, the explanation of Soume's character is just so...unsually bad compared to the rest of the book. x_X.

in other news, I miss courtney, and being spirited away to wait on my grandmother doesn't really help my social life. Not that i mind. She constantly stuffs me full of desert and then tries to get me to take naps.

Anyway, off to finish thechocolate cake she sent home with me (while I watch Shuya and Noriko fight for freedom! ...or...something)
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